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  1. Meisterplan - Project portfolio management software with everything that really counts. Manage and analyze your project portfolio to make informed decisions
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  3. xkcd-alfred. Alfred3 workflow for xkcd comics and what if articles. Developed upon Alfred-Workflow, using xkcd node APIs. Usage. xkcd for recent and most liked comics; xkcd {query} to do a search of query ⌘ to open comics on explainxkcd.com whatif for recent and most liked articles; whatif {query} to do a search of query ⇧ or ⌘+Y to quicklook comics or article
  4. 468: Fetishes. Explain xkcd: It's 'cause you're dumb. Title text: They eventually resolved this self-reference, but Cantor's 'everything-in-the-fetish-book-twice' parties finally sunk the idea
  5. ds, but a huge logistical effort. Sebastian -- 16:58, 21 September 2016 (UTC) But without the great
  6. The roadmap cycle. Adapting your roadmap needs a birds-eye view to avoid running in cycles! Pick a roadmap method that fit your teams and try sticking to it before changing it again soon. Layout is heavily inspired by xkcd.com ️ Thank you for your relatable comics and messages all these years

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Menu. About us; DMCA / Copyright Policy; Privacy Policy; Terms of Service; EECS 370 Discussion xkcd 1 EECS 370 Discussio XKCD Password Generator with Multilingual Support, Easy Typing, and Number Substitutions Options multilingual python html flask password-generator python3 webapp xkcd-936 Updated Jan 12, 201

• glTF manages its roadmap very carefully - complexity is the enemy - Mission #1: ensure widespread, consistent, reliable usage • Optional Draco Mesh Compression Extension Shipping Now - Adoption enabled with open source encoders and decoders • Extensions and projects in discussio bokeh.mpl ¶. Supporting objects and functions to convert Matplotlib objects into Bokeh. to_bokeh (fig=None, use_pandas=True, xkcd=False) ¶. Uses bokeh to display a Matplotlib Figure. You can store a bokeh plot in a standalone HTML file, as a document in a Bokeh plot server, or embedded directly into an IPython Notebook output cell

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roadmap, through technical work, joint marketing, tradeshow demos, and events like this. Join the ZigbeeAlliance and Thread Group, learn about Dotdot + Thread, participate in demos, and see how others in your market are planning their roadmaps around Dotdot + Thread. Dotdot Effort Announced Dec 2016 Dotdot over Thread Specification Available t Vision, Mission, Strategic Intent, Strategies, Tactics, Recommendations, Roadmap, Action Plan Vision An aspirational statement of where the organisation desires to be in the future, the direction and ultimate goal of the organisation what it would achieve or accomplish in the future Roadmap ; Stats #3887 [RFE] XKCD style passwords Opened 7 years ago by rcritten. Modified 4 years ago Open Close issue as: fixed wontfix worksforme duplicate insufficientinfo invalid. Ticket was cloned from Red Hat Bugzilla (product Fedora): Bug 1002276. I would very much like to have. CS 2150 Roadmap. Data Representation. Program Representation string int x[3] char x 0x9cd0f0ad 01101011 Objects Arrays Primitive types Addresses bits Java code C++ code C code An xkcd about heaps... xkcd # 835 JPEG image quality comparison: Quality = 100; image size: 83,261 (100% xkcd: Geohashing in Mathematica. On May 21, 2008, an xkcd comic proposed a method for creating a random, local meeting place that can't be determined until the day of the meeting. This method is usually used for xkcd fan events, but can also be a fun way to create a random adventure (kinda like Geocaching without the cache.

Bokeh visualization library, documentation site. Overview¶. Bokeh currently utilizes the third party library mplexporter to help convert Matplotlib plots into Bokeh plots. MPL plots using features not supported by mplexporter may not render fully. However, there are plans () for Matplotlib to adopt a native JSON ingest/export functionality of its own in the future Webcomic #927 on the xkcd.com site typifies the dilemma around standardisation. It makes a joke about two people wanting to create a new standard when fourteen already exist, says Ken Figueredo of oneM2M.. While the subtext shines a light on rivalry between different organisations or schools of thought, the issue remains when it comes to standardisation for the Internet of Things (IoT) market Developer's Learning Path | List of great resources. - fabiocicerchia/dev-learning-pat Sedan våren 2015 har vi på Digisam drivit ett pilotprojekt om lagring för långsiktig användbarhet.Projektet har varit en del i arbetet med att ta fram modell för en skalbar och flexibel infrastruktur i samverkan med Sunet.. Pilotprojektet har nu avslutats och resulterat i ett förslag till övergripande modell för lagring med långsiktig användbarhet, inklusive bevarande av digital.

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Roadmap | Gluster. 2020-12-06. Looking back at 2020 - with gratitude and thanks. 2020 has not been a year we would have been able to predict. With a worldwide pandemic and lives thrown out of gear, as we head into 2021, we are thankful that our community and project continued to receive new developers, users and make small gains Over-here.org - Yet another personal server on the net The site is going through major reconstruction. Links will be broken. A point of interest may be the HTTPS version of this site which should support Certificate Transparency soon Getting started, a roadmap and mastery of Microsoft Flow. In the last few years, Microsoft Flow has taken off like a storm. It is one of the most versatile product, but also quite tricky to completely cover because Flow can be many things. Microsoft Flow is a product that everyone, from Power Users to IT Pros to Developers need to understand. Querying Encrypted Data Arvind Arasu, Ken Eguro, Ravi Ramamurthy, Raghav Kaushik Microsoft Researc Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map. I was recently looking through some old concept-maps of communities, like Julia's Map of Bay Area Memespace, Scharlach's Dark Enlightenment Roadmap and especially xkcd's map of the Internet. And I thought we should have something like that for the rationalist community. Except of course much, much better

sage/rings/arith.py # HG changeset patch # User Maarten Derickx <m.derickx.student@gmail.com> # Date 1380722620 25200 # Node ID. 4 Important Metrics for Continuous Delivery. It's impossible to improve what you can't measure. - Peter Drucker. This quote reflects the importance of metrics in every domain right now. Intuitively, this statement resonates with all of us. How do you know if you're actually growing if you don't have the data to understand where you've been. IoT Roadmap in the IETF Ines Robles - 2017 maria.ines.robles@ericsson.co

Conclusion. The interoperability roadmap articulated by Yosemite Project is ambitious but feasible. It describes a technical and social process, based on standardizing the standards and crowdsourcing translations, that enables the full diversity of structured healthcare information to become interoperable Which are the best open-source flutter-app projects? This list will help you: flutter-development-roadmap, ox-coi, anytime_podcast_player, Flogs, animated_onboarding, calmly, and 8-octopus-recipes Credits : xkcd. So, I thought of building a Crypto Trading Simulator. We use pseudo code to get clarity, a pseudo code is not real code, but a roadmap in our own language. Step 1:. Data Stories Gallery. R Script Showcase. Webinars and Video Gallery. Quick Measures Gallery. MBAS Gallery. MBAS Gallery 2020. Microsoft Power BI Community. Galleries. Data Stories Gallery This is absolutely not a dismissal of multi-factor auth. Use it when it's available! Two factor is on the Stormpath roadmap, and we use it for many backend systems. Just don't consider it a substitute for strong passwords. 5. MYTH: CAPTCHA Keeps Accounts Safe. Two major weaknesses make CAPTCHA a poor choice for preventing brute-force .

Present a compelling story with our product roadmap software. Try it free today Roadmap. Milestone: airborn. No date set . 92%. Total number of tickets: 25 - closed: 23 - active: 2. make something usable Milestone: harder better faster stronger. No date set . 0%. Total number of tickets: 4 - closed: 0 Everybody stand back. I know regular expressions. xkcd. Roadmap (vote for features) Bug tracker; Docs; Service status; Support JSFiddle and get extra features Groups, Private fiddles, Ad-free & more JSFiddle is for: Demos for docs; Bug reporting (test-case) for Github Issues; Presenting code answers on Stack Overflow; Live code collaboration; Code snippets hostin

No one design or roadmap can serve all needs and solve all problems Synthetic visual reality, practical XR optics, effective remote social interactions, server scaling to millions of users, online personas and social connections, realistic avatars, security, privacy, sharable assets, interoperable run-times, onlin Retrieve xkcd comics as JSON Offers SSL Support Suggest an edit. 0 companies use this API 0 Comments 0 companies are using xkcd's API Add Company. Search for a company to add. Your company info might already be in our DB. If it donesn't then click on.

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  1. I happen to think there is a valid reason to insert this easter egg: it might earn Sage a mention in a future xkcd comic, which would be excellent marketing. I can even imagine a Droste effect where one of the characters uses Sage, mistypes the xgcd command and sees... him/herself. My one complaint is the use of an NSFW doctest
  2. or chords in all keys. Level 3: You also know how to play various seventh chords in all keys
  3. L03-Memory-II.pdf - L03 Memory Data II Memory Data Addressing II http\/xkcd.com\/138 CMPT 295 L03 Memory Data II CMPT 295 Roadmap C Java car*c
  4. Evaluating Interpretability. CS 282 BR Topics in Machine Learning:Interpretability and Explainability. Ike Lage. 09/13/201
  5. Dynamic Memory Allocation. Allocator organizes heap as a collection of variable-sized . blocks, which are either . allocated. or . free. Allocator requests pages in the heap region; virtual memory hardware and OS kernel allocate these pages to the proces
  6. The future timeline/roadmap according to Google search results: Source: xkcd.co

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If you need help with anything, want to look at the roadmap or ask for new features, just jump in our Discord! Commands Core-contact - Sends a message to the owner-info - Shows info about Jintaku-set - Changes Jintaku's settings-uptime - Shows Jintaku's uptime; General-8 - Ask 8 ball a question.-choose - Choose between multiple options Data visualization is a fundamental step for successful data analysis. By giving your information a visual context, you make it more understandable and prepared to identify trends, patterns, or problems. There are many chart types available and each one of them plays an important role in a professional BI dashboard

From Outcome Roadmaps to User Stories. Most business and product leaders get the concept of Outcome Roadmaps and how they help connect Product Strategy to a plan to execute. However, they have difficulty shifting to this approach in practice. One reason for this is that it is unclear how to translate a roadmap filled with outcomes into an Agile. Digital Workplace Roadmap. Presented at Interaction Intranet conference. London September 2015. Sam Marshall ClearBox Consulting. Digital Workplaces should be driven by an employee-centred view. Here I present a manifesto for what typical matters to them, arguing that the technology to serve these needs over time will evolve, but the needs.

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Xkcd Thesis Offence, ap world history causation essay ottoman empire, where i see myself in 5 years essay, acid and base neutralization homework mark rosengarten. Your message. Paper format. We offer homework writing services with you in mind. No time to explain #9 in global rating Paste the following code in a python file. Execute it (either selecting the code or using the Run cell code lens). The result is a static graph displayed in the Results window. #%% import matplotlib.pyplot as plt import matplotlib as mpl import numpy as np x = np.linspace ( 0, 20, 100 ) plt.plot (x, np.sin (x)) plt.show ( Born-again open-source fan Microsoft is celebrating 25 years of PHP by, er, pulling its support for the scripting language that is beloved (or dreaded) by server operators the world over.. Microsoft engineer Dale Hirt confirmed the change on the PHP mailing list, warning that the Windows behemoth was not going to be supporting PHP for Windows in any capacity for version 8.0 and beyond

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Using Rider to spot errors before our application runs. In the previous two posts, we have seen how Rider 's code analysis works: it continuously validates our code, analyzing it with over 2400 inspections coming from ReSharper and from IntelliJ-based IDEs. In this post, we'll look at how we can make use of Rider's code analysis to spot. At the end of the day, the new pythonista reaches a level where they are more productive with their python tools than they were before. They know which tools to use and when to use them. They start to understand their business problems better and deliver higher quality results with less time and energy The topic of David Buss's new book, When Men Behave Badly: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment and Assault, has scarcely ever been more relevant.It seems that, every week, we hear a new report of atrocious male behaviour, such as the recent alleged kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard in the UK; Harvey Weinstein's exploits, which epitomised the #MeToo era; and the sex. PC and mobile game about building rockets. 33 minutes ago . From xkcd We can't know everything about everything, our experiences are unique and communication is limited, so we must work within those constraints. We also have our visions and our expectations of peopl

WG-114/G-34 Roadmap 2020 SOC 2021 ERs 2022 Std Iss 1 2024 Std Iss 2 Deliveries SOC (Statement of Concerns) -ER/AIR Taxonomy, Use Cases -ER/AIR Std Issue 1: ML (Offline Learning) -ED/AS Std Issue 2: OtherAI Technologies -ED/AS FlyAI webinar -April 28th, 202 xkcd. 1 comment. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. Project management roadmap task management colors palette. HEX colors #eac411, #93abeb, #a19436, #737576, #caa5b5, #4c4c4c. Brand original color codes, colors palette 09 Apr 2015. We are pleased to announce a new round of resource-specific webinars that will be given in May and June 2015. These four webinars will cover UniChem, ChEMBL, MyChEMBL (the ChEMBL Virtual Machine) and the ChEMBL Web Services. UniChem, 4pm BST, 13th May 2015 Register Here

xkcd Standards In this case, we're not creating Yet Another Place for Applications, rather promoting an existing one as the canonical location. As part of the Special Interest Group Apps ( SIG Apps ) work for the Kubernetes 1.4 release , we began to provide a home for these Kubernetes deployable applications that provides continuous releases of well documented and user friendly packages 53 Posts. #46 · 1 mo ago (Edited) Hey guys, we are a startup from Imperial that have built a truly reliable charging app with multiple networks across the UK. You can give it a try here. The goal is to create something with EV drivers and not just for EV drivers. Anyone can be directly involved in the product roadmap through our board XKCD #949: File transfer Esse XKCD ilustra bem a motivação do magic-wormhole, a fim de copiar um arquivo para outra pessoa, algumas vezes sites como Dropbox não são a melhor opção, e como muitas vezes não se pode encontrar fisicamente para ser via um pendrive (principalmente com uma pandemia ) o magic-wormhole cria um túnel mágico para te salva Matplotlib is participating in a research project being conducted by NumFOCUS to understand diversity, inclusion and barriers to participation in NumFOCUS-sponsored projects and the wider open source community. The survey will take 15-20 mn to complete. We would appreciate your contribution by May 31, 2021. Click here to participate in the surve Sounds complicated to calculate. If each row has its own TStringGrid, how much does one take memory even if Text property isn't count? The count goes to max integer by default maybe, but in reality that might hog roughly 10 Terabytes of memory, or i don't know

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MPEG-DASH: Overview, State-of-the-Art, and Future Roadmap 1. Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP Overview, State of the Art, and Challenges Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christian Timmerer [Ack: Ali C. Begen, Networked Media & Ozyegin University | Thomas Stockhammer, Qualcomm Inc. Iraj Sodagar, Microsoft | C. Concolato, Netflix] Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt (AAU) w Multimedia Communication (MMC) http. I would be surprised if it wasn't already on the roadmap. swyx 22 days ago [-] second vote for Svelte support here - i'd hate for a next-gen tool like Rome to only support React when there are other great frameworks that it could handl 8. Restricted Electives in Science and Technology (REST) Requirement [can be satisfied by 6.004 and 6.042 [J] (if taken under joint number 18.062 [J]) in the Department Program] 2. Laboratory Requirement (12 units) [satisfied by 6.01, 6.02, 6.03 or 6.08 in the Departmental Program] 1. Total GIR Subjects Required for SB Degree Dear fellow incident handlers and cybercrime fighters around the world, the galaxy, the known and the unknown universe, first and foremost, all TheHive Project's team would like to wish a wonderful new year 2019 to you and to your cherished relatives On Microsoft Flow we recently released the Request feature, that allows you to trigger a flow run by calling a specific HTTP endpoint. As part of this walkthrough, we are going to look at how to use this new trigger to create a Slack custom command that posts the latest XKCD comic strip in your slack channel. The walkthrough has two aspects: 1

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Details. The Prime Minister's challenge on dementia 2020 set out more than 50 specific commitments that aim to make England the world-leader in dementia care, research and awareness by 2020. The. 2/8/21 The FOMMX experiment has collected data for about 300 days in 2020 and is still running.. I have identified apparent solar flare patterns in the data. This is an exciting distraction but does not falsify Special Relativity. I'm now coding a program to extract and display the traditional results of Michelson-Morley experiments: magnitude and azimuth Nunca ignore o acoplamento! Todos os problemas em ciência da computação podem ser resolvidos por outro nível de indireção, exceto o problema de muitos níveis de indireção. David J. Wheeler. O alto acoplamento é, provavelmente, a principal característica de sistemas difíceis de evoluir e, até mesmo, de manter ID Project Category View Status Date Submitted Last Update; 0017928: CentOS-8: kmod-kvdo: public: 2020-12-09 22:37: 2020-12-18 02:19: Reporter: cosmike2828 : Assigned T bit-tech.net, St Albans, Hertfordshire. 12,795 likes · 44 talking about this. We're the UK's leading online destination for tech enthusiasts, modders, gamers, and cheesecake lovers. www.bit-tech.ne

iCloud has had the occasional service issue, but its latest problem appears to be highly... specific, writes Engadget: Actor and author Rachel True claims iCloud has effectively locked her out of her account due to the way her last name was written. Reportedly, her Mac thought lower-case true was a Boolean (true or false) flag, leading the iCloud software on the computer to seize up An Example Of A Well Written Essay and personal information of the customer, our company offers strict privacy policies. Thus, we keep all materials confidential From: Dagobert Michelsen <dam_at_opencsw.org> Date: Tue, 8 May 2018 13:51:47 +0200. Hi Harsha, Am 08.05.2018 um 13:05 schrieb harsha Nunna <nunna.harsha4_at_gmail.com.

Added OpsGenie, Google Code-In, Google Search, and xkcd integrations. Added support for organization administrators deleting private streams. Added support for using any LDAP attribute for username. Added support for searching by group-pm-with. Added support for mentioning users when editing messages 为了演示说明,你可以使用Python标准库中的 sqlite3 模块。. 如果你使用的是一个不同的数据库 (比如MySql、Postgresql或者ODBC), 还得安装相应的第三方模块来提供支持。. 不过相应的编程接口几乎都是一样的,除了一点点细微差别外。. 第一步是连接到数据库。. 通常.

From: Dagobert Michelsen <dam_at_opencsw.org> Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2017 23:18:13 +0100. Hi Thomas, Am 19.03.2017 um 22:40 schrieb Thomas Glanzmann <thomas_at_glanzmann.de>: >> Firefox on Debian chokes on me. > > I had to reencode with: -pix_fmt yuv420 I'm working on my goal to type up my journals. Sometimes this is a very fun project and I look back and smile at fun memories or silly antics of my former self

Ultimately, the cloud is just a metaphor for the internet. It goes back to the days of flowcharts and presentations that would represent the gigantic server-farm infrastructure of the internet as nothing but a puffy cloud, accepting connections and doling out information as it floats. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)What cloud computing is not about is your hard drive A few days ago, a popular crypto analyst and influencer, Ben Armstrong, who is the host of BitBoy Crypto, discussed Cardano (ADA) and the reason he's so bullish on the crypto project, revealing that he just purchased 1,000,000 ADA. In a video shared with his thousands of subscribers on YouTube, he said Cardano's development roadmap [

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Deep Learning - The Straight Dope Release 0.1MXNet CommunityOct 12, 2018 CRASH COURSEi ii Deep Learning - Th..

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